Jingu Wedding Plan

Enjoy the rare opportunity of celebrating your wedding at Japan’s most historic and sacred shrine, situated in the heart of Ise.

Japanese couples have long made the journey to Jingu to conduct their wedding ceremonies and receive the blessings of Ameterasu-Omikami for a long and happy life together. Shinto is Japan’s indigenous religion, and celebrates the harmonious co-existence between man and nature. This plan offers all the highlights of a traditional Shinto-style wedding, including a sacred kagura dance performance and a visit to the Jingu shrine.

We also offer married couples the option of experiencing a romantic photo session in and around the breathtaking landscape of Jingu.

Why Jingu?

The origin of the name of Ise is believed to be in the Japanese words for wife and husband – imo and ose. That is why many young couples have sought to begin their journey through life here. A traditional wedding reveres the sacred bond between man and wife and the consequent passing down of culture and knowledge to each new generation through their children.

Jingu is dedicated to Amaterasu-Okami, the goddess of the sun and deity of matrimonial bliss and harmony. Just as Japan is often known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” the importance of the sun is paramount to the Japanese. This is why Amaterasu-Omikami is also worshipped as the goddess of the entire universe and is the highest deity in the Shinto pantheon. Receiving her blessings, bodes well for the future of a newly-married couple.

|Plan Information

Phone: 0120-308-122  (open from 10am to 7pm JST, closed on Tuesdays)

Application Process / Wait
The contract will come into effect once we have received payment from the customer.

Clothing Rental
Wedding kimonos, etc., are included in the plan and are provided by Studio Borboletta. For international customers and customers coming in from other prefectures, fitting and tailoring can be arranged to take place as late as the day before the event.

 1. Assemble at Sarutahiko Shrine (or Okitama Shrine for Okitama Shrine applicants)
 2. Preparations and arrangements for bride, groom and attending guests
 3. Photo shoot for bride and groom (for Album Plan applicants only)
 4. Ceremony at Sarutahiko Shrine (or Okitama Shrine for Okitama Shrine applicants)
 5. Group photo shoot (optional, additional charge)
 6. Lunch (optional, additional charge)
 7. Move to Naiku by taxi
 8. Kagura dance at Kagura Hall, Naiku
 9. Visit to Main Shrine, Naiku
 10. Move to Sarutahiko Shrine (or Okitama Shrine for Okitama Shrine applicants)
 11. Reception and banquet (optional, additional charge)

|Wedding Ceremony and Costume Package Information

■Full package plan “Kamiji Plan”

Shiromuku & Mompuku Set 810,000 yen (750,000 yen)
Black Hiki-Furisode & Mompuku Set 810,000 yen (750,000 yen)
Juni-Hitoe & Sokutai Set 1,080,000 yen (1,000,000 yen)
Sarutahiko Shrine Inner Sanctuary Ceremony & Shiromuku Plan 972,000 yen (900,000 yen)

*shiromuku: white kimono (for bride), mompuku: hakama with crests sewn on (for groom), hiki-furisode: sweeping long-sleeved kimono (for bride), juni-hitoe: twelve-layered kimono (for bride), sokutai: traditional black court dress (for groom)

■Also included in “Kamiji Plan”
・Bride and groom costume set, as above
・Bride and groom preparations and attendants
・Wig rental for bride
・Costume change when visiting Naiku 
・All data from bride and groom photo shoot session
・Wedding ceremony at Sarutahiko Shrine (or Okitama Shrine)
 *Ceremony at Sarutahiko Shrine includes “Michibiki no Mai” performance
・Kagura performance (up to 15 guests)
・Special visit to inner altar of shrine (up to 15 guests) 
・Taxi fare for bride and groom when changing venues
 (from Sarutahiko Shrine to Ujibashi Bridge at Naiku and back again)
・All other fees and charges for arranging, attending, producing, etc., the above
・Making other arrangements, wrapping up, etc. after day’s events

The basic plan includes taxi fares for the bride and groom only. If you require taxi or bus arrangements for picking up and sending off guests and/or in between venues on the day, please kindly let us know ahead of time. Please also note that the number of visitors permitted to enter the shrine and those attending the kagura performance are limited to 15 guests only. Additional charges will be made for groups of 15 to 30 guests and 30 to 50 guests, respectively.

Jingu Bridal Hon-Furisode Set 162,000 yen (150,000 yen)
In-Studio Additional Photo Shoot (one additional pose) 17,280 yen (16,000 yen)
Pack includes costume change and other arrangements for photo shoot
Irouchikake & Costume Change + Stylist
(hairpin and other accessories included if changing from shiromuku)
75,600 yen (70,000 yen)
Wedding Dress & Tuxedo + Stylist 86,400 yen (80,000 yen)
Cocktail Dress & Tuxedo + Stylist 86,400 yen (80,000 yen)

*hon-furisode: heavy, long-sleeved kimono (for bride), irouchikake: colorful kimono (for bride)

※For more information, please call 0120-308-122.

|Itinerary (in detail)
Please note that slight adjustments may have to be made on the day depending on weather and traffic conditions, etc.

■Basic Plan
Start (8am) → Photo Shoot and Rehearsal (10am) → Ceremony (11am) → Group Photo Shoot (11.30am) → Naiku Visit (12.30pm to 2.30pm) → Finish (3pm)

■Basic Plan + Lunch
Start (8am) → Photo Shoot and Rehearsal (10am) → Ceremony (11am) → Group Photo Shoot (11.30am) → Lunch (12noon to 1.30pm) → Naiku Visit (2pm to 4pm) → Finish (4.30pm)

■Basic Plan + In-Studio Additional Photo Shoot
Start (8am) → Wedding Dress Photo Shoot (9.30am) → Irouchikake Photo Shoot (11am) → Shiromuku Photo Shoot (12noon) → Rehearsal (12.30pm) → Ceremony (1pm) → Group Photo Shoot (1.30pm) → Naiku Visit (2:30pm to 4:30pm) → Finish (5pm)

|Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. We wouldn’t be able to arrive in Ise until the actual day. Would this be okay?
A1. At Studio Borboletta, we aim to cater to each customer’s individual needs. Please feel free to let us know your plans and concerns in advance. We will do our utmost to ensure that your wedding day plans are realized to the best of our ability.

Q2. Do you do weddings with just the bride and groom (no guests)?
A2. Certainly. We endeavor to provide wedding ceremonies that you’ll remember for a lifetime, regardless of whether it is the bride and groom alone or a larger-scale event with family and friends.

Q3. We are hoping to have our wedding ceremony at a different Jingu shrine to the ones you mentioned. Would this be possible?
A3. Generally, we organize wedding events for either the Sarutahiko Shrine or Okitama Shrine. If you are interested in celebrating your special day at a different shrine or temple pavilion, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this possibility with you further. We also organize wedding events at hotels and other venues.

Q4. What types of wedding costumes or apparel do the set plans include?
A4. Customers are able to choose from a mompuku (hakama with crests sewn on) or sokutai (traditional black court dress) for the groom, and a shiromuku (white kimono), irouchikake (colorful kimono) or hon-furisode (heavy, long-sleeved kimono) for the bride. From crimson-lined shiromuku to black hiki-furisode (sweeping, long-sleeved kimono), we offer a full line-up of time-honored and traditional but popular kimono options so that you can find the perfect match for your special day.

Q5. What is included in the in-studio photo shoot?
A5. There is a photo shoot for the bride and groom, with different costumes available, and a group photo shoot together with friends and family. Please do feel free to let us know if you are interested in photo shoots in specific locations in the area, too!

Q6. Besides the wedding ceremony itself, what are arrangements are included?
A6. We provide all arrangements and preparations necessary to ensure that your day goes smoothly. This includes everything from the wedding reception after the ceremony, to lunch and accommodation, so please do let us know your specific needs. Furthermore, as befitting Ise’s renowned hospitality, we also provide souvenirs, traditional sweets and other flourishes.

Q7. Can you help with arranging our accommodation?
A7. We can help with hotel, ryokan and other accommodation arrangements as well as tourist packages and itineraries. During peak tourist seasons, hotels, etc. become quickly booked out, however, so please be sure to let us know in advance to avoid accommodation difficulties closer to the day.

Q8. Can we just have an intimate dinner with close friends and family instead of a big wedding reception?
A8. Absolutely. Please rest assured we are happy to help with making reservations on your behalf at a wide range of hotels and restaurants, including for high-end Japanese cuisine. We also take pride in making great local recommendations for the Ise area, from unique hotels and traditional Japanese-style eateries with tatami mats, screen doors and sunken flooring, to counter-type establishments and French and Italian restaurants.

A Request to Our Customers
Traditionally, Naiku is dedicated to the Shinto goddess Amaterasu-Omikami and by extension, the ancestors of the Imperial Family, who are said to be her descendants. For this reason, this venue is revered as a most sacred and beautiful place. Although our customers are permitted to enter the shrine to pray or seek blessings after their wedding ceremony has taken place, the ceremony itself cannot be held at the shrine. With this in mind, we respectfully request that all customers refrain from contacting shrine administration directly with any such related inquiries. Thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter.

At Studio Borboletta, we provide high-quality photo shoots for newlyweds and married couples. Our professional cameramen are dedicated to creating perfect, intimate shots that you and your loved ones will want to treasure for a lifetime.

|Recommended for you if
- You want wedding photos without the wedding ceremony
- You want wedding photos to put on postcards or New Year cards
- You decide after the wedding that you want wedding photos in traditional kimono after all
- You need a good gift to send your family or friends
- You want new wedding photos to mark a milestone anniversary that’s coming up
- You got married in a hurry without a ceremony (you had your reasons!) and now want wedding photos with the three of you―bride, groom and child

We provide a wide range of studio photo plans ranging from newlywed and bridal sets to family and on-location albums. For more information, please call 0120-308-122.

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530,000 yen (tax excl.)!

Kimono Wedding Photo Shoot with 3 Traditional-Style Kimonos!
Choose from the latest in elegant, high-quality kimonos!
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Come and be spoiled for choice at Studio Borboletta―wedding photo shoots with an air of romance that you’ll only find in Ise, Japan.

For more information, please call 0120-308-122.
We hope to see you soon!